Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to Firefoo! This guide will explain the basic concepts of Firefoo. If you haven't downloaded and installed Firefoo, please download it.
Firefoo is a new powerful tool to make your everyday use of Firebase Firestore more productive and enjoyable. It enables you to easily browse, query, edit, preview and script your data.


  • You can browse your projects' data structure in a tree-like view or in a classic table. Editing data is easily possible no matter how nested it is.
  • Firefoo has built in preview for geographic points, images, etc.
  • Firefoo possesses the full power of the official Firebase Admin SDK enabling you to write arbitrary scripts. This frees you from having to set up a new project every time you want to interact with a Firestore database.


A screenshot of Firefoodefault


The sidebar on the left shows all your Google accounts. In this case and Under the heading of "Service Accounts" additional projects are listed, which were added via a service account key. If you want to add a Google account or a service account key you have to click on the plus next to the "Tasks" button. Projects can be opened with a double click. A double click on a collection will create a new tab with the collection opened.

Tab bar

The tab bar shows all your opened tabs, you can switch between tabs with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Tab (Cmd+Tab on macOS).

Top pane

The top pane lets you switch between "Simple" and "JS" editor. The simple editor allows querying but not manipulating data. In the JsEditor you have the full power of the Admin SDK. A click on the "Run" button will execute the content of the currently active editor.

Output pane

The Output pane contains multiple different representations for your your data. A table view as shown on the screenshot, a tree view to inspect your data hierarchically and a JSON view to see your raw data. Only the table and tree view allow editing and previewing your data. To edit data press "F2" on a cell, to preview an image or geographical coordinates press "F4".